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Hire SysAdmin

For Dedicated & Scalable Cloud Hosting Customers

Managing your server for the most in optimal efficiency is a time consuming process that requires the expertise of an IT staff.

If your business does not have the time or the resources to oversee the implementation and operation of a server, MahaBharta is happy to offer the services of our certified technicians. Our team of highly trained, expert IT professionals will keep your server running smoothly while also giving you the most comprehensive, customized management of your account. Stop focusing on IT department and start focusing on business.

MahaBharta offers two additional packages that can help you manage your website easier. By utilizing one of our Hire SysAdmin packages, our customers now have access to their own experts 24/7/365 at a fraction of what they would normally budget for this type of service.

Items covered within both packages:

  • Webserver optimization
  • Database optimization
  • Making changes in your control panel
  • 3rd party script installation
  • 3rd party script updates
  • 3rd party script cleanup (exploit removal)
  • Service Installations (Apache, PHP, MySQL and so on)
  • Service Upgrades (Apache, PHP, MySQL and so on)
  • Custom service module installation (Apache, PHP, MySQL and so on)
  • 3rd party application installation (Nginx,Tomcat, ffmpeg Red5 and so on)
  • Migration of data from another host
  • Migration of data from different control panels(cPanel,Plesk, Bare, Webadmin, Others)
  • Migration of data (for downgrade)
  • Installation and upgrades of many open source web apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
  • Server security audit and implement new patches to make your server secured
  • Server control panel upgrades
  • *Any additional time will be billed at Rs. 4080 per 30 minutes or client may purchase another Hire SysAdmin Package at the reduced rate.

Hire SysAdmin Package 1

2 Hours Hire SysAdmin - A 16320 Value

Only 13600

Hire SysAdmin Package 2

4 Hours Hire SysAdmin - A 32640 Value

Only 24480

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